Brand Ambassador Recruitment & Training

Build An Army, Increase Your Reach

Turn Loyal Customers Into Ambassadors

Many people only think large brands can benefit from a brand ambassador, but that is far from the truth. Brand ambassadors are a cost-effective way to increase your reach, brand awareness, and engagement.

Our program helps you find the perfect person or people to represent your brand and exemplify your mission and vision. A brand ambassador is great for:

  • Special Events
  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Festivals
  • Fund Raisers/Non-Profit Events

What's Included

We offer distinct managed service programs for brands of varying sizes. We can support your strong brand presence or help you grow your presence to increase engagement and sales.

Take a look at what’s included to see exactly how we ensure we’re meeting your needs:

  • On-boarding Call To Establish Needs
  • Managed Ambassador Facebook Group
  • Weekly Status Calls with AlvaOdessa Representative
  • Brand Ambassador Recruitment
  • Scheduled Content Posts As Required To Match Your Needs (up to 4 posts/week)
  • Social Media Profile Creation (if needed)
  • Weekly Content Calendar creation
  • Weekly Reports (including photo documentation)
Could brand ambassadors boost your reach and influence? Shoot us an email at and schedule a free consultation.