Federal Grant Review & Writing


Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Today’s federal funding landscape is extremely competitive. If your organization does not submit a perfect grant proposal there is a slim chance that it will secure the funding requested. Our grant review experts have over 40 years of federal discretionary grant review experience with organizations such as the Family Youth Services Bureau, Office of Family Assistance, and Office of Head Start. We offer many services to ensure your grant has the best chance at receiving consideration for funding.

Grant Proposal Review Levels

Basic Review Service


The basic review service is targeted to organizations that have an experienced grant writer either in-house or as a consultant on retainer. We will analyze your completed grant proposal prior to submission and send feedback to you on each evaluation criteria as well as suggestions for improvement.


Advanced Review Services


The advanced review service is the same process as the basic, only upon receiving the initial comments, you are given the opportunity to revise the proposal and resubmit it for a second review. We use a different review team with no knowledge of the grant to ensure truly discretionary process, just like the actual reviews. This level is recommended for organizations applying for highly competitive funding sources or in the case where funding from the particular opportunity is critical to the success of the organization.


All reviews are scheduled and contracted ahead of time with priority given on a first come, first served basis. Typically, we can contract to provide feedback within 3 business days of submission


Grant Writing Assistance


We understand you might not have the budget to employ a strong grant writer on contract a consultant. That’s why we offer grant writing assistance services to help strengthen your application with the language and formatting that leads to a successfully funded application. This service begins with a basic review, then our experts assist in tidying up your grant by filling holes to ensure you have a fair shot of being funded.


Do you need help with a grant proposal? Shoot us an email at services@alvaodessa.com and let us know how we can help!